Tiny Medics

What Is The Course?

First Stop Safety Training are proud to be delivering First Aid training to children across Scotland from as young as 3 years old.  We recognise the importance of educating children. We believe it’s crucial for children to learn basic lifesaving skills.

We want children to feel comfortable that if there was an emergency they could shout for help, they could call 999 and we introduce putting plasters and bump pads onto teddy’s for the younger children.  Children find stories extremely interesting so we will read an engaging first aid story about how Archie saves the day.

For the older children we will cover CPR, choking, recovery position, breaks, bleeding and more.  Our 1-hour workshops are fun and interactive. The children absorb information like a sponge so we want to share these vital lifesaving skills with them so they retain it from early years.

We offer 3 different classes, loosely based on age groups. Tiny Medics 3-6 years, Tiny Medics 6-11 years and Tiny Medics for 11 plus years. All classes are £5 per child. This will include a 1 hour teaching session, an activity booklet, balloon, sticker and a certificate.

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