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Ok, so this is my first attempt writing a blog, please go easy on me! Like every skill we can only evolve and get better with practise so for now bear with me as this could be a little rough around the edges. You have been warned. I’m not here to blow you away with fancy vocabulary but I hope to provide insight into topics you’re concerned about. Going forward our blogs are gonna be filled with first aid hints and tips, we will reference articles and upload videos which will contain snippets from our courses. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel; we just want to give you good quality information. If you’re concerned for your child’s safety and are looking for some advice on how to prevent first aid emergencies, this is the blog for you. You’re going to find most value if you are a new or expecting parent, grandparent, auntie/uncle, carer or work with children. We will also be writing content for child care and nursery workers.

This will also give you an insight into our company, our trainers and our philosophy. First Stop Safety Training has been operating for 5 months now and wow what a rollercoaster. We have evolved so quickly in such a short period of time. Full on but very much enjoyable. Previously we had been living in Australia for 5 years and while we were over there, we quickly realised the Aussies had a lot more first aid courses available to them and in general they seemed more health conscious than us Brits. We decided that we could implement some of their ideas into training over here.

Robyn has been in the First Aid industry for over 15 years working for Dundee City Council delivering various lifeguard and first aid courses. I have been around first aid for 6 years, working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and have had to use some of my first aid skills on the job. From our own personal experience of attending first aid courses we found the general consensus is that, let’s face it, they can be boring. We knew this didn’t need to be the case. We have designed our courses and workshops to be highly engaging, fun and interactive. The feedback that we’ve received from customers is that the course is unlike any they have previously attended and they have enjoyed the training. Our paediatric qualification aims to get you up and moving around, we include games and quiz’s. This creates the perfect learning environment to maximise information intake. Although we address the course light heartedly we do realise how serious and important the content we cover is. Listening to someone drone on and on isn’t going to help you learn, your most likely going to switch off where as we will keep you interested and focused. We assess you throughout the day so we do not need to include a written assessment at the end (which we all love).

First Stop Safety Training pride ourselves in specialising in the field of paediatrics. As well as delivering accredited paediatrics workplace qualifications we also deliver our 2 custom workshops which funnel into child first aid. Tiny Lives is our non-accredited 2.5 hour course aimed at new and expecting parents to leave you feeling empowered to deal with any first aid emergency. We realise not everybody has a full day to complete a course (or the money) so we have taken all the workplace aspects out of this workshop which are not relevant to the home so we can deliver the important topics quick and effectively. We also welcome under 12 months along which really has been a massive hit.

Tiny Medics is our 1 hour first aid workshop which we deliver to children. We believe all children should learn vital live saving skills. We tailor the workshops to make them age appropriate and so far, have been very popular with various Brownie groups around Scotland. We would love to introduce Tiny Medics to the schools in the near future.

That’s a little but about us. Hopefully it’s given you a little insight to our company and what to expect from us. If you have any topics you would like us to cover or delve into please let us know.

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