About Us


We are Robyn & Sean Duffy, the owners of First Stop Safety Training. Robyn has nearly 10 years experience delivering first aid courses for various companies throughout Scotland. Sean was previously a Personal Trainer with a keen interest in First Aid and a degree in Sports Science so anatomy is his thing.

The bottom line is not enough people know First Aid. We are passionate in teaching these vital life skills. Whether  you’ve booked onto a course for mandatory work purposes  or you’re a proactive parent, we’re here to make first aid fun. Our mission is simple – to help save lives across Scotland (maybe one day the world!).

We Make Learning Fun

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We’ve been in the industry for nearly 10 years and have extensive hands-on experience dealing with first aid situations. We know just how to deliver fun, interactive courses. Why sit on a mundane course when we can keep you entertained while learning life-saving skills along the way? All courses are guaranteed to be informative, engaging and participant input is greatly encouraged.

We offer a wide variety of courses from accredited workplace qualifications which fulfill legal and regulatory requirements to peace of mind general public workshops to increase personal knowledge.

What Else Do We Do?

Most first aid companies focus on workplace courses but how about everyday life? Would you panic if a loved one was to choke, stop breathing or have a heart attack? Did you know three out of four parents would not be able to save their child? We’re here to empower you and give you confidence so you can handle these highly stressful emergencies. First aid is a valuable life skill that not enough people know – we’re here to change that.